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We believe that true progress happens only when as a society we ensure that women are given equal opportunities for education, employment, and access to basic health.

About Us

Our mission is to build women's networks, to enable projects that help empower women and promote research and development activities that can help improve the lives of women around the world.


To bring our vision into a reality we are sponsoring Myna Mahila Foundation in India. 


Located in Mumbai and catering to the urban slum community there, Myna Mahila foundation has a reach of about 480,000 women and is helping provide low-cost menstrual hygiene products as well as menstrual hygiene education to these women. It is also employing women from these communities, thus embodying our core belief and mission through their work. 


We want to expand on this idea and help bring women closer together and build a better future.

Projects We Sponsor

Sponsor A Girl

Identify girls who cannot afford menstrual hygiene products and arm them with knowledge about menstruation and provide them with free menstrual products.

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