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We are partnering with Myna Mahila Foundation to help support the Mumbai slum community

Despite a pandemic, human needs remain constant: food, water, and shelter remain necessities regardless of ongoing circumstances. Moreover, many fail to consider another constant: menstruation. Although purchasing food and menstrual products from nearby convenience stores or having them delivered may seem like the obvious solution, it is out of the question for the daily wage worker during COVID-19.

A vast number of people in the slum communities earn their living by daily wage jobs. Due to the strict lockdown in India, these people have lost their means to earn a living. With no money for food and a lack of sanitary products, there seems no end to their dire situation for the near future.

Let's join hands and collectively help these communities in need.

Myna's Efforts

Myna Mahila USA is partnering with Myna Mahila Foundation, an NGO in Mumbai, to help support the urban slum community.

Ration Relief

Supporting hundreds of families by offering food packets

Sanitary Pads

Partnering with various organizations to broaden sanitary pad distribution

Face Masks

Re-purposed sanitary pad manufacturing unit to produce face masks


Setup a helpline so that women can reach out with reports on domestic or sexual violence

Impact Numbers

as of May 28th, 2020

sanitary napkin.jpeg

Distributed 146,839 sanitary pads

food packets.jpeg

Handed out 25,474 food packets

face masks.jpeg

Manufactured 11,715 face masks

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